Tube Tycoon Editor Beta - test now!

Here it comes!

Now, you can try out new Tube Tycoon editor BETA and challenge yourself to create amazing scenario or game package 🎉

Tube Tycoon editor is a new tool in the game to create amazing scenarios and new video blocks that can be installed and played by other Tube Tycooners. Select if you’d like to create:

  • package - mod that adds content to the game, can contain special events and new video types
  • scenario - addition that allows player to start new game with custom game rules (soon included in the editor), special events and new video types

How to roll in?

We love our friends at, but since editor beta is also introduction to out new networking features, you'll need to use your Steam key to take part in it! 

  1. Open Steam, navigate to Tube Tycoon
  2. Click settings icon and then “properties”
  3. Select “beta testing” tab and from dropdown select “EditorBeta”

Now, the game should be updated with the new editor. PLEASE TAKE A NOTE, that this beta disables gameplay completely - if you’d like to play Tube Tycoon with all your previous saves, repeat the steps and and on the last step select “NONE”


You are welcome to leave a feedback of your experience with the editor. Please use this link and tell us what do you think about newest beta: FEEDBACK FORM

A few players that will fill out the form and help with Tube Tycoon development, will get a chance to take part in closed beta tests of upcoming Tube Tycoon v2.0

Thanks everyone for your help!


If you’d like to talk with the game developer about the beta, please join official Tube Tycoon server on Discord - that’s the best way to discuss your concerns and ideas 💡


> How can I save my scenario/package?
Saving will be added very soon!

>When Tube Tycoon v2 update will release?
No date yet

Thanks for your help!
Bionicl - Tube Tycoon developer

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