Full version release in 4 days!

I'm happy to announce, that full version of Tube Tycoon will be released in 4 days!

You can add Tube Tycoon to your wish list on Steam page so that you'll be notified on launch day!

Here is a short FAQ for users who donated to Tube Tycoon before:

Q: Will game be free? A: Full version of Tube Tycoon will be a paid game (without any micro-transactions!),  but if you've donated $5 or more while in the beta stage you'll get full version as a free update!

Q: If I have donated 5$ (or more), will I be featured in the full version? A: Yes! Everyone who donated such amount and messaged me with nick will be in the game! If you haven't send the message yet, there is still a chance to do it! Please respond to this email

Q: Will game be still available on itch.io? A: Of course! Itch.io version will be 100% DRM-free and what's more, you'll receive a Steam key with your purchase!

Q: What platforms will be supported? A: Tube Tycoon will have PC & MAC versions

Thank you! 🎉
Maciej "Bionicl" Maj - Teal Fire

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